Special Cargo

Meeting your particular requirements

Our full commitment to the continuous cold chain.

Precheck of all documents is standard procedure, in order to avoid unnecesary handling and storage. When your shipment arrives at the airport, we take immediate action to guarantee a smooth flow of your shipment.

We personally watch over:

- Temperature-controlled storage
- Refrigerated transit of cargo between cold rooms and the aircraft
- Segregated cold storage facilities provided by ground handlers

Next to the physical handling we also stay in close contact with inspection authorities and customs. You are informed about every stage of the import- or export procedure.

Human remains

Repatriation service of coffins and urns, treated with utmost respect and dignity.

It is hard to grieve while struggling with the complex matter of repatriation. We understand how difficult it is for families and friends when a loved one passes away abroad. This is where we step in: our compassionate care team will assist you with delicacy and will make sure that all necessary requirements are fulfilled. All funeral shipments are given special priority.


Years of experience allow us to offer you a complete and professional supervision of your cargo and flights.

Having local eyes, ears and hands will make the difference for a succesful operation.
Through the years we developed our own network of airport supervisors.
Trained and guided by us, they know where the weak points are and where extra vigilance is needed.
Our representatives are present during the whole process of truck offloading, cargo buildup and aircraft loading. They also doublecheck the paperwork and optimize the loading.
We are present at major gateways such as Paris, Luxemburg, Madrid, Amsterdam & Frankfurt. Complete charter projects on smaller airports are also one of our assets.

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