Live Animals

Your animals are in safe hands with flightwatch

We ship animals of all sizes and species around the world. From cats & dogs to zoo animals & exotic species.

The Flightwatch staff has been trained to current IATA Live Animals Regulations, in order to ensure that your animals are handled and transported with care, safely and providing minimum stress.

Your shipments are constantly being monitored by our enthusiast & devoted team. It is our personal project and mission to bring every shipment to a good end.

Poultry & Hatching eggs

Not a side business for flightwatch

Experience is the key requirement for a professional handling of the chicks. Our team has a proven track record of excellence in the safe handing of day-old chicks and hatching eggs.

- On every airport we have our own experienced supervisors
- Buildup according to our own loadplan with ventilation chimneys
- Only reliable airlines are used
- Temperature control in the warehouse and on the aircraft is always checked
- Years of experience allow us to think ahead, and to take preventive actions

Why choose Flightwatch?

personal supervision and more:

- We guide you through the whole process from packing and regulations to delivery
- Neutral advice on all stages
- All documentation is conscientiously issued
- Correct labelling is provided

Packing and crates

We can also help you in finding the right crates for your animals:

- Only professional manufacturers are used
- Built to comply with IATA standards
- Customized crates will reduce the stress for the animals

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