About us

After a carreer of respectively 17 and 28 years in Aviation, we decided to
join forces in a brandnew aviation services company.

Aviation offers so many different and fascinating aspects that once bitten, one will find a life-lasting love.

This is exactly how we feel about our jobs: we still love what we
do, and we work hard.

The vital aspects that keep running our enthusiasm :


Variety is the spice of life. Every day brings us new requests. Whether it is a special commodity or a difficult destination, it will never be a boring day. Also the sector itself is in constant evolution with announcements of new routes, new airlines, and new procedures.


Some projects are a real challenge. We are confronted with time limits, geographical difficulties, and governmental issues. Experience will
play a very important role here.


The above two aspects will force us to think and rethink. Not only the well-worn paths are considered , we try to come up with a fresh and
professional solution that is in line with the customer´s needs.


Gaining the customer´s confidence is the biggest reward for us. We consider it an honour whenever a company big or small enthrusts us with a
shipment or project.
This is also why we strive for a long-lasting relationship with the customer. We strongly believe in dialogue, integrity and transparancy.

Customer satisfaction

Our ultimate aim, and the main reason why we do this job:
bringing all shipments to a good end,and seeing the customer come back makes it all worth it.

We invite you to give us a try, you won't regret it!

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